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Ivana Bartoletti

A digital union based on European values


112 Seiten
12,00 Euro
ISBN 978-3-8012-3108-8

Erscheinungstermin: Juni 2024

The digital transition will significantly affect the work, education and social life of all Europeans. Digitalisation impacts public service delivery and, through social media, even affects our democratic processes. This primer is meant to provide the reader with a grounded understanding of the technology and policy relevance of the developments that have been taking place and are expected to shape the debate in the coming years. It also aims to raise some thought-provoking ideas on what needs to be done to help European tech policy establish itself on firm foundations and foster a progressive vision of society.

Ivana Bartoletti

is a leader in the field of privacy, data protection and responsible technology. She is an expert on AI and gender rights at the Council of Europe, and is a Cybersecurity and Privacy Executive Fellow at Virginia Tech. She has extensive experience in shaping privacy policies, strategies and programmes for large organizations undergoing digital transformation, cloud and automation. She received the Privacy Leader of the Year Award in London in 2022. Ivana is also the founder of the influential Women Leading in AI network, and a former chair of the Fabian Society.