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Buch-Cover von »Climate progress in the EU and the world «

Stephen Minas

Climate progress in the EU and the world


ca. 144 Seiten
ca. 12,00 Euro
ISBN 978-3-8012-3104-0

Erscheinungstermin: Juli 2024

Anthropogenic climate change is already impacting every region of the globe and affecting vulnerable people more severely than others.

Climate change is a whole-of-economy problem. To tackle it, we need transformational change across economic sectors. Economic responses to climate change must address ‘negative externalities’ but also avoid regressive and inequitable outcomes.

International climate governance has multiple action channels but is centred on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) regime and most notably the 2015 Paris Agreement, which sets ambitious goals and has nearly universal adoption. However, there is still a substantial gap between what the Paris goals require and aggregate implementation. Progressives must work through multilateral, bilateral and other channels to strengthen the climate transition.

»A valuable resource for policymakers, providing essential insights, analysis and guiding principles for formulating effective climate policies that address the complexities of the climate crisis while promoting sustainability, equity and global solidarity.«
César Luena (S&D MEP, Vice President EP ENVI Committee)

»An essential and empowering read amid what is rising political confl ict. This instructive volume provides systematized knowledge, proud records of progressive political achievements and crucial arguments to strive for a fairer and more sustainable world.«
Mary Robinson (First woman President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)

»A great help in our ambition to raise awareness and knowledge both on the existential threat of the climate crisis and offers an opportunity to rally forces behind a Progressive call for a just transition to carbon neutrality in Europe and beyond!«
Mikael Leyi
(Secretary General, SOLIDAR/SOLIDAR Foundation)

Stephen Minas

is a professor at Peking University School of Transnational Law, China and also affiliated with the Transnational Law Institute of King’s College London. Stephen works primarily on climate change law and policy, with a focus on technology and finance, participating in the EU team at UN climate conferences and co-facilitating negotiations. Outside the climate negotiations, Stephen is the vice-chair of the UN’s Climate Technology Centre & Network Advisory Board and a member and former chair of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee. Stephen has co-edited books on EU climate diplomacy, the EU and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and the international law of the sea. Previously, Stephen was a member of the FEPS Young Academics Network and of the steering committee of the FEPS initiative ‘UNited for Climate Justice’. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, the London School of Economics and King’s College London.