Ulrike Guérot

Why Europe Should Become a Republic!

A Political Utopia

Ins Englische übersetzt von Ray Cunningham

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ISBN 978-3-8012-7017-9

Erscheinungstermin: Juni 2019

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Ulrike Guérot outlines the idea of a radically different Europe: Europe as a Republic. The concept is based on two pillars: Firstly, the principle of political equality for all European citizens and the separation of powers, instead of a non-transparent and technocratic »trilogy« of the existing European institutions. Secondly, strong European regions actively participating in European decision-making.


One market, one currency, one democracy: Ulrike Guérot presents a passionate plea for the completion of the European project by creating a single European democracy in which the citizens are the sovereign and solidarity across Europe is institutionalized.