Christian Krell (Hg.)

Thinkers of Social Democracy

49 Portraits

Ins Englische übersetzt von James Patterson

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ISBN 978-3-8012-0482-2

Erscheinungstermin: März 2016


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Karl Marx, August Bebel, Elisabeth Selbert, Willy Brandt oder Paul Tillich – herausragende Persönlichkeiten haben die Idee und Praxis Sozialer Demokratie in Deutschland geprägt. Ihre Lebensgeschichte, ihr Denken und Handeln führen die Leserinnen und Leser zu den Kerngedanken der Sozialen Demokratie.


Karl Marx, August Bebel, Elisabeth Selbert, Willy Brandt and Paul Tillich – all these remarkable personalities shaped both the ideas and the practice of social democracy in Germany. Their life stories, thought and activities bring the reader to the very heart of social democracy. Mainstream party, the theory of surplus value, codetermination and the fundamental values of freedom, justice and solidarity – these crucial ideas, theories and concepts are often closely linked to the people who conceived and promoted them. This book portrays 49 thinkers of social democracy: What sort of influence did they have on their own time? What impulses do they offer for the present? All this and more is provided by this exciting and comprehensive overview of the history of social democratic ideas and of social democracy as a movement. Thinkers of Social Democracy.