Anna Maria Kellner / Ernst Hillebrand (Hg.)

Shaping a different Europe

Contributions to a Critical Debate

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ISBN 978-3-8012-0453-2

Erscheinungstermin: Januar 2014


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In the face of the »euro crisis« the question arises: how does the European Union look in terms of the fundamental values and goals of the political left – democracy, self-determination, freedom and prosperity for as many people as possible? Is the EU an emancipatory instrument for the citizens of Europe? Or is it an agent of their creeping disenfranchisement?


Do we need more Europe – or less? Is the EU eroding the political and welfare achievements of the twentieth century? In what direction must the European Union develop in order to solve the manifold problems of the integration process? Leading intellectuals from 10 EU member states have set out their visions of a more progressive Europe, with no holds barred or conventional formulae. They are united by the insight that Europe can do better.