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Neue Gesellschaft | Frankfurter Hefte – International Quarterly Edition

Neue Gesellschaft | Frankfurter Hefte
International Quarterly Edition

Released for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation by Christian Krell, Thomas Meyer, Bascha Mika, Christina Morina, Martin Schulz, Angelica Schwall-Düren und Wolfgang Thierse

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appears 4 times/year.
each issue: € 3,80 (plus shipping costs)
annual subscription: € 14,00 (free delivery)
ISSN 2194-3095

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This Journal of Social Democracy is the quarterly International Edition in English language of one of Germany’s longest-running and most respected monthly journals devoted to politics and culture, Neue Gesellschaft|Frankfurter Hefte. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation has chosen a group of internationally renowned social scientists, journalists, and high-profile representatives of social democracy to contribute to this venture.

The new International Edition is published at the beginning of each quarter with selected articles from previous German-language monthly issues that are especially well-suited to illuminate international – and especially European – debates. In this way we hope to stimulate dialogue across national boundaries within the democratic left. Recent political and economic trends are weakening the social commitments, policies, and ideas that sustain the goals of social democracy in most parts of the world. We want to do our part to strengthen the social and pro-democracy forces aligned against such developments.

We are convinced that our future should and must not be held hostage to the imperatives of anonymous markets or the superior political resources of special interests operating behind the scenes. Instead, the forces that ought to decide the future of our embattled planet are the citizens, activists and political representatives who are committed to social democracy. And they will be best positioned to cooperate once the challenges are clearly identified and consensus is reached about how to meet them: precisely the aim of our journal.

German editor-in-chief is Richard Meng, Berlin, English Language editor is Prof. Dr. Lewis Hinchman, Moab/Utah USA.